Friday, February 18, 2011

Raquel has been doing very well

Not much has changed since the ambulance visit.
She's been great.  Normal kid, doing normal things.
The big meeting of the minds with her medical team didn't bring to light much.  I just informed them of the ER visit and a few on going concerns with her hands.  Everyone was fine with the status quo, as Renata and I seem to have morphed into a real comfort zone with Raquel in almost every way.
She's crying and making a fuss right now in the back ground, but I'm sure it's just normal grumpy baby.
Yup grumpy kid with an appetite.
We're going in on Tuesday for a test build of the mitt contraption I'm thinking to use a few hours before dressing changes.  A way I think might help get her hands to breathe a little and give her the opportunity to grasp a little better outside her bandages.  Hopefully my vision of what to do and what comes to pass will be similar and not a waste of everyone's time.  It's worth a try, I'm glad they think so too.  Although I am having second thoughts about how her quirky nails will slide easily in them and the sewn end at her web space.... Let's hope the DermaSilk cut sent from Italy (thank-you Dino) will work in this application. 
Yes about that.
The guys from Alpretec have been incredibly generous with us.  Raquel is finely dressed for a good half year of growth in those invaluable silks.  As well now the new company carrying the silks here in Canada, Western Allergy has been helpful too, in keeping up the flow of clothing.
The last huge blister she had on her back I meant to take some two day interval images of it in the healing process.  But after about the 5th day the blister became of little significance compared to other things going on that I forgot to continue my photo montage.  Next one. haha.  Not really haha.  The nervous haha of the inevitable.  Self defense mechanism I have.  Laugh in the face of danger.. After the fact..  Laugh at the back of dangers head.  hmm getting late.
I still don't get it.  We don't know exactly how the last rash of back blisters happened, but now we've had none for a couple weeks.  ZERO>
The only blemishes are at her face from all the abuse it takes from the split wrapped in her hand bandages.
Keep the splints in and her hands look straighter, but her face a mess.  I stop for a week or so and the hands look bad, her face beautiful.  It's a really annoying cycle.  I see past the blisters now anyway, more for the people in the grocery store that wonder if she's contagious and my visions of her later life when she's cured and doesn't have to scold me by saying,
As she smears on lipstick and runs out the door to which ever establishment dad's across the world cringe wondering how their baby grew up so fast....
hmm getting late..

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