Monday, February 14, 2011

Nurses faired well.

Last Friday we did the first in 'Operation Gimme a Break'.
Dammit Janet and one of our other nurses did a dressing change with me watching out.  Each taking a foot and hand.  I can't tell how hard it was for me to sit back and let them do it, even if it meant, I get a break from it once and a while.  In the end they prevailed, but as they walked out the door they asked what I thought, what's the grade so to speak.  I wasn't too liberal with my marks, as I was forced to do a little re-wrap and explaining 'angle the bandage at 45 degrees across the instep then angle it again at 45 toward the heal' was like talking Greek, but in then end it's how Raquel fared through the weekend.  Was a wrap to fall off, or was there to be many new blisters by Monday? 
It's Monday and the change was great.  No new blisters and the ones that were there were well on their way to healing. 
I even complained to them about the time it took, but when we actually looked at the time, it wasn't any different then one of my early changes.  So really, even if I tried (which I did) I have no complaints and Raquel was as happy and active as she has ever been.  I have to learn not to be so overbearing like my father was to me while trying to use a table saw, or throwing a baseball etc. etc. etc. or else I'll get no break ever, nor will they want to come on by, even if they are paid.
Raquel really is in very high spirits these days as every little milestone with her is amplified in my eyes.  Best of all are all the giggles and the great impression of a lion.

Tomorrow is the gaggle of Doctors and OT's and whom ever else. 
I'm going to push the idea Dammit Janet helped out with for the burn unit hand wraps.  Hard to explain.  Hopefully tomorrow evening we can have a prototype I can put on Raquel's hands an hour or so before dressing changes.  It's purpose, to let her hands breath and maybe have a chance at her saving some of her nails.  Renata laments that often.  I always seem to think we have always bigger fish to fry, but maybe...  I hope it works. 
Now to spend some of the remaining Valentines day with Renata...
Cordelia's Queen created from one of her drawings

The girls with Jakob

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  1. I will master your Greek!!!! ox DJ