Sunday, February 27, 2011

It's always the same.

Just when I think we're normal and seemingly better off then lots of new parents with babies, Raquel pulls what she just pulled.
Had the Wentzels over for dinner and just as they were leaving Raquel started into a little crying fit.
She became more and more distressed, escalating by the minute.
Cordelia was off to bed with Renata and me doing my best to keep her quiet, which is often not enough in Renata's eyes.  Normally she just gets over tired and squirms and fights sleep.  Except this went on and on.  We have a magic number somewhere around 10 minutes, where we have to start considering there might be something up somewhere if not evident.  The tough part was she cried her throat hoarse.
Then there is thinking, the whole esophagus is about to collapse like the wall of her mouth did recently and really stop any breathing.  I'm not sure that can actually happen, but it seems plausible.
The moments were getting tense.
Some verbiage was used etc. etc. In times like these I wonder how Renata can still say she loves me.  Who's grumpy now?
I decided we had to pull off a bandage from the foot with a blister on Friday.  Hoping we could find a simple blister needing to be relieved.
Once off all was normal and healing well.  Hmmm next foot.  There it is.
A little blister pushing off one of her last remaining toe nails, in fact the only one that once looked truly normal...  Looking at the scale of the blister to my finger, you'd think, how can that hurt?  But then I've never had a blister push my nail off any finger or toe.
The pressure was quite hard as blood squirted out and she started to ease, but not that instant gratifying relief.
I had to rethink my regular toe wrap as I usually pull the conforming bandage quite tight across her toes to hold the foam shoe I create every time and thought up a new layer to protect her toe from any bumps and abrasion, but also not have any pressure on it ??? (we'll see if it worked tomorrow).
By this time I'm fried. 
9:30 pm is time to set up tomorrows schedule, think about the week ahead and cuddle with Renata for some type of mind numbing entertainment (TV, MOVIES (D.J.! that's twice I've had to edit my post the next morning due to a text I received in the morning for inappropriate content).  Instead we're stressed and arguing about nothing freaking out about our little girl in fits.
It's actually not over.  She's not down for real, I'm just recharging and staying away till I'm needed for real ((grandma holding her doing her magic) also for what might lay ahead for the rest of the night.
Once the feet were neatly bound Renata noticed the left hand bandage has slipped off and was held loosely in place by her silks.  Usually hands go pretty quick for a re wrap.
Totally out of sorts it took me three tries (this is when Grandma showed up) and it wasn't until she was quietly taking the bottle from grandma and no longer kicking and fussing that I got a good wrap on.  It's a three person job when it's like this minimum.  Plus we're completely dry on the EBM, Renata produces it goes to the bottle and it's gone, which is also a first and totally disturbing for Renata.  JOY!!!
Anyway, it's quiet back there, kind of.
Changing pace, last night was cool.
Dammit Janet talked an acquaintance of hers into helping out a family in need.
Some times I feel like a feeble father and human, needing and getting so much help, outside my typical time for play, but it's a thought I do my best to keep deep inside.  Most of the time as when stuff is done for us and helped out (dinners) our quality of life goes way way up.. Mostly Renata gets a breath.
So, gladly we welcomed tickets to the Canucks VS Boston, row one, just inside the blue line, well within the club section.  What a night it was.  Both kids taken care of in separate houses, Renata and I out on the town.  Free parking from Simona's son Simon, three blocks way from the rink.
A little romance,
Thank You.
We lost, but what a view.  Now that I've been that close to the action, maybe once and a while it is worth the ticket price.  We also gladly put in a good amount to the 50/50 draw, as those proceeds go to Canuck Place.  Hospice to Kids and families.  I don't anticipate that scale of respite for us, but it has been suggested that it may exists for families like ours.
I text a friend this image and he told me to get off the ice, I didn't get it till I was home and looked at the image again
 The City was blanketed in snow and in the middle of a nice storm.  Our typical warm coastal weather turned the beautiful white stuff into instant ice once a car or foot squished it to the concrete.  Police, Stretch Limos and many high-end sports cars struggled in zero forward movement at intersections with boisterous crowds of One Year Post Olympic Celebration Yahoos in fits of laughter and cheer.  I wasn't in the mood for that type of anarchy or fender benders and diligently put on our chains and seemed to be the only car with them driving out of the city. 
What was more odd was the next morning watching people with summer tires or bald all seasons attempt to drive up Seymour Mountain.  An 18km road from sea level to the alpine.  Still snowing and in a long convoy of eager pow lovers, every thing was fine till one car could go no further and started sliding sideways off the road.  The line of cars would stop and then only 50% were able to sneak out and around and beyond. Cutting out the chaff.  Scary was, those trying to come up after these guys were attempting the decent defeated with the same tires that couldn't go up, I can't imagine braking was something they were going to be able to do.  Don't these people understand gravity??
Je ne comprends pas.
Honestly, Vancouver has the worst winter drivers in Canada.  No question.  Problem is and maybe a semi valid excuse for not winter or all season tires is that we're the only little pocket in Canada that may not actually get it in any given year.  Chains though, they should have chains!
Distracting moments before the rest of our night...
I should be sleeping knowing that it's quiet out there still.
Charge the batteries.

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