Thursday, January 6, 2011

Barely averted a massive -------

Exciting blister.
Cordelia decided to go under my feet while I was walking with Raquel in my arm across our living room to show my father and Renata something on the computer.  As my feet could no longer shuffle under my body I started to fall.  At first I feared for Cordelia as my weight could have crushed her. then as I lost all balance and nearing the Christmas tree and table and chairs and floor it was Raquel.  Luckily there was an Ikrappa chair that I was able to use to break my fall by leaning my leg and hip into.  The chair did it's part and folded into a typical Ikea junk pile, Cordelia was missed for the most part, a bruise four times the size of above is on my leg and Raquel ended up with that after two days of growth.  If she were my beer I'd only have lost a drop and the floor long since dry.  We've been pushing out liquid for days.  The crash was followed by all four of us crying in our own manner.  The old man just got up and left our domicile for the peace of anywhere else.  I'd been putting Mepilex on and around the wound and it hasn't helped at all.  I'll go back to just the plain silks to see what happens.  Doing nothing has worked on all the smaller ones that pop up here and there around her torso.  This is her largest blister on her back to date. We'll see how it heals by tomorrow.  I predict it the skin lays flat and it will not again create one of the dreaded fluid pouches.

We had a very fussy change today.  I wasn't into it from the start either and said so (even when I know, I should keep those things to myself).  The grump only got worse as Raquel kicked and made irritated cries for us to leave her alone.  The tight rolls of bandage unraveling to the floor.  ARGGG!!!  We've had so many good changes of late that when things start to go sideways I'm having less patience for the procedure.  (Maybe I should let someone else do a change for a change?  Anyone? Bueller, Bueller, Bueller?).  There was nothing of any size she hasn't dealt with before, so I think it was just a grumpy evening by all, less Singne.  At the end of the change, because we still had Singne (one of our fabulous nurses) for a couple more hours, I made myself scarce.  Renata was starting to voice her displeasure at me for this and that, nothing undeserved unfortunately.  Best not mope around and make matters worse.  These are the moments I'm thankful Pani Hoza can't get me with one of his Judo moves, Kind of difficult from across the Atlantic and two continents.  I'll sleep well tonight.
The short absence worked, when I finally came back everyone was calm and our married life continues.
Our two safely out from under feet.

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  1. Hey guys! what an unfortunate fall. I miss you all already. cool picture of the two! tell Renata she should come see me with the girls. I will be out soon hopefully!