Saturday, January 22, 2011

All was well.

This morning had some sunshine, which we've seen very little of in Vancouver for some time.  Renata went off for a run and I took the girls down to Moja Coffee for an espresso et une croissant almond, Cordelia choose the pain au chocolate.  We played little running games as we walked the three kms to Andrew's Cafe.  Raquel is getting more and more aware of her goofy sisters antics giggling and watching her every move.  Half way down I noticed Raquel had the large zipper handle in her mouth.  I was quick to pull it out and fold her one piece suit to hide it and the one on the other side.  The rest of our morning went along well.
Now we are into middle afternoon 6 hours from her sucking on metal and we've just finished another one of our too famous Renata sitting on chair, me on floor with head light peering into her screaming mouth stabbing giant blood blisters across the breadth of her tongue.
She's now absolutely beside herself in pain and crying fits.  Her eyes and face is disheveled and stressed.
Hockey is on, I'm sure by the time the Canucks' game starts in another three hours she'll do as usual, lay on my lap and sleep right through.
Renata is a star.  She's better equipped every time this happens.  While I was out doing a little work she did two attempts at popping them, but when Raquel is on her back these blisters are very very difficult to pop as they lay flat and there is no room for error.  Brave.

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