Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Super child

Today was exceptional yet again.  We're soaking it up, believe me.
The only thing to say is she's teething for sure.
She's drooling like crazy and trying hard to stick her bound hands in her mouth.
She's had a regular dose of Tylenol to keep that at bay and it's worked.  We're too worried from past experiences of how a solid hour of fuss and discomfort makes for many blisters in all places.  Most of her facial scabs have fallen off and if this keeps up she'll be a glowing baby in a few more days.

We left her with my mom for a few hours to check out the German Christmas market in town.
Some nice Pork sandwiches, a Bratwurst and sour kraut (I actually ate it Frau Blank, for you and only you. I'm sure you smiled and wondered why it has taken so long with a common wag of your finger at me in disapproval of all those dinners I past up due to that skinky stuff) The Sauer Kraut was chased by a few Pauliner Lager mmmmmmm.  Renata went to the Gluwien.  Cordelia made a chocolate on a stick and was proudly walking down the street with it on our way home, till an older slightly drunken man grabed it and ran away.  He eventually gave it back after she chased him down, but Renata and I weren't too interested in her eating it with his melted finger prints across the middle.
Oh well.  When we picked up Raquel all was well.  Dad didn't even break a sweat (he gets slightly panicked in his old age at any difference of pace). 

Time to join Raquel in a peaceful sleep.

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