Sunday, December 12, 2010

Simona - Summerized by either 'Queen Bee' 'Worker Bee' or 'Bee in the Bonnet'

I've mentioned Simona before in this blog. 

Simona was the one who offered her basement to us in the first hours of going to the Children's Hospital.
The proximity was a short walk with free parking.  Renata and I in fact started our live-in relationship there as tenants.  As well, a long drawn out story I tell only when I have a captured audience.

Simona was the one who offered to help Renata out of a tear filled call to her parents. Where more blubbery sobs then actual coherent sentences would have been the case.  It was necessary and helpful that Simona too has Czech as a first language, as it wasn't going to be a call I was able to make on Renata's behalf.  I'm OK with the many colourful and practicle words heard in a Czech Tavern, that's about it.

Simona was the one who while Renata and I were headless chickens and loosing our marbles in the first days, brought in full bag of toys and devices for Raquel's mental development.  A few were promptly attached to the incubator for her viewing and listening pleasure.  The fact was, Renata nor I were even sure Raquel would be there for the rest of the year let alone need those early building blocks for her development well on into life.
Once we were able to digest what Simona was doing and see past the new sores and obvious pain, it made a world of difference in us understanding Raquel as a normal baby, but with skin issues.  It also helped getting past dark thoughts, to imagining Raquel living a long and enriched life.  A reality it took a little time to expect.
After Renata and I had spent long days in the hospital and needed to go home to be with Cordelia and recharge, Simona would take the evening.  We also had Louisa in that department too.  The two of them would go in on alternating shifts and read or talk to Raquel, hold her and be a loving family presence for her, for us, as another needy girl was at home.  I can't think of too many nights she was without someone deep into the night.

I have to watch how much I praise Simona due to the connection of the 'bee in the bonnet' part.

Simona was asked to accompany us for a few of the early Doctor appointments, and ask the hard questions we were either to stunned to think of or scared to ask.  Sometimes her questions would go a little off topic.  But giving a valuable pause in the action to think of how to frame questions and contemplate vague answers.  The best part was watching the doctors or other professionals squirm by her rapid fire questions and knowledge of the system.

Ask for a pitbull and receive a pitbull.

Simona set up a dinner run of neighbours so we'd be nourished during this time, the many bottles of wine that accompanied the food was very much appreciated and kept the evenings soft and nights deep in sleep.

Once the time had come to go home from the Hospital, Simona was here too.

She did a few night shifts as Renata and I slept.  In the time Raquel dozed she'd pick a cleaning project, our house was cleaned from ceiling to baseboard.  Our oven, our fridge, our bathroom, our hood vent, Cordelia's room and everyone of her toys.  I made sure to suggest a few places of off limits.  She hears what she wants.

I look over my shoulder now and realize Simona hasn't been here in a while.  hmmm.

We had many disagreements over placement of this or that.  Certain lighting situations were to be fixed.  Beds to be moved, furniture to be bought, all was in question and much had to be argued for or firmly stated with a NO. Still if she really wanted to do it, it was done, regardless.

We had bleach in our house for the first time due to Raquel's baths.  Simona was still able to up the anti and brought in a whole whack of new products we only see in commercials.  We actually don't bother walking down those isles in the store.

After a while I or we couldn't help but put a foot down.  We suggested that if she must, please get some of the more natural products.  And yes we know they clean like SH^*
The toys, beds, rockers or 'learning tools' became a problem as plastic toys and other CR#P have always made my skin crawl.
In one case I came home from work to find new giant machine in the middle of our living room.  I still can't figure out how Renata didn't nix it from the start.

I was assured the battery filled rocker would go when we'd have no more use for it.  I thought we'd have none, but in a moment late, when morning was a more appropriate term, Raquel squirming, crying and in total discomfort the big blue swing was taken into service.  At first I'd push the bottom with my foot or hand thinking I'd get away with not using the batteries.  After inertia settled and the chair moved no longer, Raquel would act up again.  I did that for a few nights, till sleep deprivation reared it's lazy head.

It was easy, push button, twist dial to add sound and movement to the spinning mobile and daze off with Raquel to the click, knock rhythm of this now wonderful chair of neglect.  In the following weeks I'd get fits every time I turned it on imagining the inevitable; sending those ten or so sized D batteries to a landfill.  Later leaching into the rivers I like to go pester fish in. 

But really, there are still many things here that are useful that we use every day, 80% brought by Simona.  In fact sometimes I feel for her husband when a new object arrives, as he now works for Raquel. 

Cordelia also was not forgotten in this either.
For every object Raquel received, Cordelia would have an equal.

So for every uncomfortable moment when I feel like a nail is being scratched down a chalk board placed in the middle of my spine there are three other moments of complete gratitude.

Thank you, Simona.

and a very happy names day!!!

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  1. Ryan is lucky I don't have time to blog. I would sure have a section dedicated to him. But for the most part I'd have to write about how amazing he is (dad, husband, friend and dexterous!!! and thinker!) Just don't peeve him off! :)
    Advice: Do not bring anything battery operated into his home :):)

    with Love, Simona