Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mouth Blisters.

Today was something special.
The blisters hidden under the bandages foot and hand were looking fairly well.

Yet Raquel was in painful fits.
She cried through most of the change, it wasn't till near the end when we noticed the giant blood blister inside of her mouth.  It basically took up almost the entire upper palate to her right.
When she lays back the blister flows to the back, there it's hard to access or even notice.
I tried to get it with the needle as she was in a sitting position.
That didn't work as my fingers couldn't get past her lips.  So we extended the needle with an oral syringe.  My dexterity was a bit off as I didn't feel too much of a connection to where the end was.

I missed judged the tip a few times puncturing her lip and a couple spots at the back of her mouth.  Fine if you're an acupuncturist and you're thinking of relieving pain that way...  My terrible aim only added to our pain and suffering.
I finally laid down on the floor and Ren held her over top of me so that the blister would flow to the front of her mouth and onto her gums.  With my head lamp I was able to see in and lance it a few times.  Although it was basically hanging out of her mouth in that position.

Tonight was Coco's Christmas concert, that was to start a half hour after the change.  Raqu went from the dressing table to the car seat, within moments of the lancing and buckling of the seat Raqu was out.  Talk about your instant relief.
She watched a little of the concert and went slightly spastic during the clapping, but generally loved the action and music.  We've hardly heard a unsatisfactorily peep from her since.

I felt slightly guilty about my last blog mentioning the wine we received at one point with our dinners.
For those who are helping out with some dinners for dressing change evenings to come, I wasn't making a call out for alcohol to medicate us of sorts and smooth out some stress.  We can deal well enough.  The dinners are amazing enough.  Please don't feel it necessary or the norm.  Although, today, the wine will taste soo gooood...  My wits and patience were shot, low blood sugars or what ever.
I didn't quite get to say 'Dammit Janet'.  Could have, but I'll wait till the moment is less stressful for us and our new nurse.

Raquel just pipped up.
Feeding well.
time for a glass of wine.

This little bit of info didn't let my day go smooth either.

Patient 13 coming-home?

I unfortunately found it hard to be happy for this poor boy.  Probably more to do with our household and a few of those sentences written. patient 12 and 14. 21 years etc.

I gotta stop...
glass of wine.


  1. Hard stuff, Ryan. Thinking of you all.

  2. Hello Ryan and Renata, greetings from our grandfather in Brno. He reads all your texts printed very attentively. Love