Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

We are in the dark side of a few great days.
From sleeping straight through a night to not eating for a 6+ hrs because of those pesky mouth blisters.  Then there's the new blister taking up the entire area of her arm pit.  It was hard to hold it together when that on became evident.
The combination of the two made for a very enjoyable Christmas crab dinner.
She cried, right on through.
Jumping from Mom, to Renata to me.  Grumpy (my dad) looked as out of sorts as she was.  Eventually all the commotion seemed too much for her (or maybe me -who's grumpy now?) as everyone was sent off.  Raquel is in a five minute quiet time of light sleep.
Hopefully it'll last an hour or so, so that we can get in some food when she wakes, it's usually the time it takes from popping blisters to her finally being able to eat.
It's was actually funny now that before and during dinner Renata and I were pissed off at one thing or another, Raquel was pissed off at a few things in particular and Cordelia is still pissed no one can focus and open some presents with her. 
I'm not so sure about the Euro Christmas giving and opening Christmas eve with the combo of what happens in our typical Christmas morning. Too much opportunity for being spoiled I think.  That being said, I'm pretty happy just now Raquel is giving me 15 minutes of peace and quiet.  There are still wet tear streams down the side of her face, sweaty forehead and furrowed brow.
Raquel's basic health and comfort this week was so great.  I figured we'd be able to make some rounds and say hello to some great friends of ours for a drink here and there.

No such opportunity this evening.

I've been off doing a few things just now and Raquel is still deep asleep.
Renata is walking across the street to see our neighbours with Cordelia, I guess I'll watch 'Duck, You Sucker', again.

Hopefully Raquel won't hear all the pyrotechnics.

Merry Christmas.


  1. What a roller-coaster.
    Your photos are great - Raquel is so lovely, and she and Cordelia are so beautiful together.
    I hope tomorrow is a good day again, and that you all enjoy Christmas Day.
    Thinking of you all.

  2. Thanks Singne.
    It was a great day.
    We didn't have a melt down till quite late.
    Popped another mouth blister and we're good in short order. Merry Christmas to you.