Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day

A much much better day.
Just the normal baby stuff with older sister beyond tired for the entire day.
I didn't notice how tired Cordelia looked till I took a picture with our new camera.

I'm a little sheepish to how that was a surprise!

The old camera was a good one but likely had too many sunset shots (5yrs-don't make'em like they used to), a voice calls from my recent memory while taking a ferry from a small island to Malta, my friend asked, how many sunset photos can a man take?  In my case lots and lots, especially in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.....
Christmas Eve didn't have the scheduled change due to many factors, (mainly me coming home two hours late from a fishing trip heavily dampened by the pouring rain) so we decided to do it Christmas day.  We were to go to the Wentzel's for dinner.  Luckily Andrew called to ask if he could be of help, just in time too, as he helped out for a nurse-less dressing change.  He probably phoned because he realized we'd be that much longer if we didn't get the help and dinner might have been cold waiting for us.
All went really well, she coo'd at us and I only had to smack his hand two or three times for him to focus or move his fingers from the areas to  be placed under a few layers of bandage.  It's a little different having a man's forearm blocking your vision then the nursing help or the few other friends signed in for emergency changes (all of whom are women - except Grumpy (dad)).

Once Raquel was fresh and one outstanding blister of little consequence lanced we were off to the Wentzel's for another fabulous meal.
Penny (Andrew's mom) has trained him well, as they teamed up and did an outstanding job, while the ladies and I played with kids and mildly imbued.
It was a Merry Christmas no question, but often there is something little or big that defines certain times or Christmas giving.  What blew me away was the gift the Moja Coffee crew handed us for Raquel.  I often walk in there for an espresso or two at various times of the day.  Usually giving the guys behind the bar grief if I can.  Someone has to look out for Andrew when the mice come out to play and the cat isn't around.  Knowing how they do their thing ($ for Haiti and a few other causes) I was stunned to see they pulled through for Raquel in such a manner.
Over all I should have said thanks to others who have put in various amounts of money to her account.
I have found it strange being on this side of the fence, having people reach out to help us.  It's honestly slightly unnerving at times but amazing all the same.  So really thank you all so very much!!!!
And for everyone who has lent a hand.

Really, you all ROCK!  To each and everyone of you a Merry Christmas.

I keep putting shots of these two sleeping.
It's my favorite view these days, Renata and Raquel fast asleep.  Apparently, Cordelia has to stay awake to keep me company.  Tough job for a five year old.

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