Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ella Bella and the first taste of Winter

So you see calling her Bella didn't have a chance at working.

Today was about Coco.  We did what has become our yearly ski tour up Seymour Mountain for our first taste of powder for the year.  Coco is a dynamo on ski's.  I tried to urge her down some steep and deep but she stayed with the not so steep but much more technical descents.
My thoughts were very much of the tri-ski contraption I'd attach to my waist to drag Raqu up the mountain when she's four or five.  Some where between a recumbent bicycle, and a dune buggy.  I realize the Chariot we have for Coco might work with the ski attachments, but too bulky and not efficient enough. With little doubt she too will be urged to sled ski down any variety of slope within reason of course.  But when you don't push the envelope then what's the point?

This is Raquel in her car seat bungied to a wooden sled with the Wolframs, Coco, Ella and Ren.

Coco and I went on ahead for some serious fun in the powder and barely covered rocks.  We put a bicycle inner tube around her waist and attached that to a rope that wrapped around my waist.  With my skins attached to the bottom of my skis, bindings un-clipped off we went.

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  1. love the photo of Raquel all bundled up in the snow ... you didn't waste any time getting her up there!