Friday, November 19, 2010

Coming out of our shell

We've been searching through the other families blogs and the issues a head of us seems steeper by each new story I come across.
I read over a blog then decide to show Ren for one reason or another.  Just now we have a waterfall spraying a mist over the place.  I play tough guy and pillar, but how do any or all of these parents keep it up?  I'm saddened to the core to all the pain and suffering out there.  Strangely, less so with our lot as it only takes a second to look at Raqu to realize my world has a new center and she's wonderful.
Well.  Coco is jumping on my shoulders, just now, 'Can we play, daddy!!?' So I guess the center is a little broader.  Oh and consoling the waterworks back there.
We had a little baking party happening at our place when I arrived from work.  Looks like a birthday cake for the guy just south of 40, but Coco exclaims it's just bread and nothing to get excited about.  She's run away and hidden the chocolate chunks I found on the counter.  Hmm wonder why she doesn't trust me with that??

Raqu was sitting in her chair quietly and patiently watching and being part of the action with her beautiful sounds and big big eyes!  Beautiful.... 
All the strength seems to be built up in those moments.  For exactly what will be The Blister Popping Experience this evening, on her lower gum.
Wait till the blister really starts to piss her off, usually around feeding time.  Quiet down the stress and noise of your own head, hold down arms stick a blanket/towel between her legs, steady her head with another towel (requiring another set of hands) all to minimize the nervous jerks,

Tomorrow is cake.
ahh right, bread with chocolate, if we can ever find where Coco hid those tasty chocolate chunks...

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